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About Nota

Nota is the Danish Library and Expertise Center for people with print disabilities.

To become a member of Nota you must be able to document that you cannot read ordinary printed text. Members of Nota are visually impaired, dyslexic or otherwise impaired.

Nota’s collection of accessible digital books holds more than 50.000 audio books, e-books and Braille books. Nota offers fiction and non-fiction, study books and school books


Nota, in short

  • Produce, buy and sell audio books, e-books and Braille books
  • Develop synthetic speech
  • Offers to produce audio books, magazines and newspapers for external partners


More facts about Nota

  • Nota is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture.
  • Nota builds on the former Danish Library for the Blind and has more than 60 years of experience with producing Braille Books.
  • Nota has 80 employees and 25 freelance narrators read for Nota.